The Jimi Wallet

The Jimi Wallet is a small and stylish plastic wallet that can be used as a normal wallet, id holder, card holder, badge holder or to store small kits.

When opened the wallet has a card holder on one side that is good for about 4 or 5 credit cards and a money clip useful for some folded bills (not many), there is no additional space for othe items, this is a wallet designed to hold just the essentials.

The translucent cases are fine to flash badges or passes without the need of opening a wallet or looking for them, they have a lanyard hole in case you want to carry the wallet as a badge holder in neck lanyard.

The internal money clip or the credit card holder clip can be removed if you want extra space for bills or if the clip is not useful for you, optionally you can purchase an SD card holder and use the wallet to carry SD cards too.The Jimi is also water resistant in case you were worried.

There is an "x" model identical to the one reviewed here but wiht an extra clip in the outside, the clip can be used to clip the wallet to your pocket or as a money clip to carry some change. The available colors are clear, smoke, magenta, ruby, aqua, orange, green, pink and the only non-translucent color: black. They cost $15 and can be ordered from the jimi website.

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