Diplomat Pocket Organizers

The pocket organizer was created to provide a way to organize what you put in your cargo pockets when you wear cargo pants. So they have been sized to fit most cargo pants pockets without problems.

The organizers have a zipper to close them, when opened they have elasic straps on one side for pens and other objects and flat pockets in the other side for flat items. There are two small straps with clips that can be used for keys, a small flashlight or some other items.

The pouch is flexible enough to carry some bigger items inside like a cellphone, a bigger flashlight or a PDA inside its case. A multi-tool like a Leatherman with the spare bits will also fit without any problems. The construction is solid, both the inside and the outside are strong, the only weakish point are the small straps with the plastic clips inside but even if not very strong they are great for items that you need to access quickly and you don't want to lose. You can pull a small flashlight or a knife using the straps without opening the organizer completely.

In the outside they have a velcro patch and a mesh pocket for quick access items.

The organizers are strong and expand to carry as many things as you want, they are useful for survival kits, emergency kits, repair kits and others, if you don't wear cargo pants you can always use them to organize your items inside a backpack, bag or briefcase.

They cost $10 and can be ordered in black, olive green or tan from CountyComm.

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