Fenix L0P Special Edition

The Fenix L0P is the AAA keychain flashlight in the Fenix series, in some way a direct competitor of the venerable ArcAAA. Instead of a Nichia 5mm led as in the Arc the L0P uses a 1 watt Luxeon lead and therefore it is much brighter.

The biggest problem of the original L0P was its short runtime, the light was bright but the runtime around 30 minutes or less required the use of rechargeable AAA batteries and a lot of maintenance and that might be a problem in a keychain light.

The special edition of the L0P has 3 brightness levels, you can change levels turning the light off and then quickly on, if you leave the light off for 1.5 seconds the next time you turn it off you return to the primary level. This interface is not fantastic but in a flashlight with just a twisty switch there are no better alternatives.

The 3 brightness levesl solve the runtime problem allowing long runtimes in a lower level keeping the brightest level in case of need.

The flashlight is well built in solid aircraft grade anodized aluminium with an UCL lens. It comes in a box with a splitring and a claw-style clip. It's a close call between this light and the ARC AAA-p it depends on your taste, needs and judgement.

The price is $39 and you can get it from Fenix Store.

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