Tool Logic's T1 Business Card

The T1 is a credit card sized multi-tool from Tool Logic primary intended for the every day business man.

The tool offers a small blade slash letter opener, ballpoint pen, nail file with cuticle tool, scissors, tweezers, toothpick, small phillips and flat screwdrivers, a sewing needle,a ruler and a pocket clip that can be used as a money clip as well.

The combination of tools is fine, a small pin would have been more practical than the sewing needle, the tools in general are ok, not spectacular but do their job. The plastic tweezers are the weakest link.

The T1 is quite complete, maybe more oriented to personal care rather than "business". The best is probably the clip, since you can use this as a money clip and have a useful set of tools at the same time and if you don't want the clip it can be removed so you can store the tool in your wallet.

The T1 costs about $15 and you can read more information in Tool Logic's website.

1 comment:

MazdaCozmo said...

Just don't put it in your wallet. Mine started coming apart after 3 months.