Fenix P1

The Fenix P1 is a very small Luxeon III flashlight powered by one C123 lithium battery.

The flashlight is turned on and off twisting the head, it is built using HAIII aluminium so it's very resistant to scratches and other impacts, it is also water resistant but not suitable for diving.

It's a very bright light and very small so the output per size ratio is really amazing, not as bright as the Orb Raw but brighter than many other 1 cell flashlights.

The runtime is about 2 hours of constant regulated brighness with one C123 cell. The P1 can also be used with 3.7 rechargeables and then the light will be even brighter. Note that the manufacturer does not recommend rechargeables but I use the P1 with R123s without any problems at all. If you already have an EDC flashlight the P1 is an excellent backup light and you can use it to "carry" a spare battery since the best way to carry a spare battery for your flashlight is another flashlight.

You can get it in natural (picture) or black finish from Fenix-Store for about $45.

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