Nite Tritium GlowRings

These are tritium filled glowrings. They glow for about 10 years without the need of light or any kind of charge; they glow using a microscopic amoung of radioactive tritium inside a glass vial. The vial is enclosed in a polycarbonate casing.

The polycarbonate case has a small cap at the bottom that might get loose if the glowring impacts against a hard surface so it can be a good idea to use a drop of glue to be safe.

The tritium is harmless even if the vial gets broken the gas would just disipate in the air without any trace. So they are as safe as any other toy you can add to your keychain.

They are great to locate things in the dark, no batteries, no need of light, nothing to worry about. The green is the brighter one followed by the blue and finally the pink(ish) version. If you want maximum visibility get the green one.

They are very difficult to get, so I will point to a very good seller in the EDC forums that has several offers, a common price for the glowrings ask for offers. If you want to visit the official product page you can follow this link. Tritium products might be restricted in your country, please follow your local laws.

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