LiteFlux LF3

The LF3 is a programmable EDC light featuring a SSC P4 LED using a single C123 battery.

The light is turned on and off with a twisty mechanism, there are two positions marked P1 and P2 that are used for different levels and for programming. Going from P1 to P2 and back to P1 or P2-P1-P2 produces a "switch" the number of times you "switch" selects the mode of operation.

The LF3 has two programmable brightness settings and one variable brightness mode, since the variable brightness mode has memory we can say it has 3 brightness levels. It also has two programmable strobes, two programmable SOS modes, battery level indication and battery discharge protection. Operation and programming is identical to the LF2 we have previously reviewed.

It can use primary or rechargeable 123 batteries without any problem, the light is regulated so once set to a level it will keep at that level regardless of the battery status. Runtime is about 40 minutes at 100% brightness and more than 7 hours at 25% brightness.

The beam is excellent with a good compromise between throw and flood, the brightness at 100% using a rechargeable battery is really amazing, probably around 150 lumen. Since all the levels can be programmed you can set a low mode as low as you want and use it for reading or navigating the house at night.

The LF3 is built in HA-III aluminum, it is very strong and will resist drops and impacts, it doesn't have a pocket clip but can be attached to a lanyard or splitring, it comes with a diffusser and red, amber and blue filters.

The LF3 is a solid EDC light, it is very bright, offers several modes of operation and is completely programmable, the quality is excellent and for the ones that like a programmable versatile light this one is really superb.

Also available for CR2 batteries (LF4) or for AA batteries (LF5). You can order from Liteflux via CPF for $52.

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