LiteFlux LF2

The LiteFlux LF2 is a programmable AAA light with many different modes and gizmos. The light can use any AAA sized battery from 0.9V to 5.0V this means it will work on alkalines, lithiums, nimh rechargeables and it will also work with li-ion 10440 3.7v batteries for extra brightness.

The LED is a Cree XR-E; hands down the brightest LED in the market at the moment of this review. The body is HA-III aluminium with orings to make it water resistant and the lens is made of glass with AR coating.

The switch is a twisty working different than most other twisty switches since you unscrew to turn on and screw back to turn it off, this probably helps water resistance when the light is off, we may call this a "reverse twisty". From Off there are two positions when unscrewing the head called P1 and P2. From the factory P1 and P2 will give you two brightness levels to choose.

But this light has many more modes and each mode is programmable so how do you do that with a twisty switch with 2 positions?. The answer is very simple when you go from P1 to P2 and back to P1 or from P2 to P1 and back to P2 with less than 1 second between modes a "switch" is defined, emulating a "click" in a light with a clickie. The number of "switches" you do is used to program the light and access different modes. We will call a switch movement SW to explain the different modes.

SWx1 is standard mode with P1 and P2 brightness levels. If you do SWx2 you go into variable brightness mode, you use P2 to change brightness and P1 to fix it, you can do SWx2 to reverse the direction from low to hi or from hi to low. This is a great mode to use the level of brightness you need for any specific situation. SWx3 is the strobe mode, there are two strobes P1 and P2. SWx4 is SOS mode with two brightness levels in P1 and P2. SWx5 is a battery test mode, SWx7 is a demo mode, SWx8 is used to turn on/off battery overdischarge protection, SWx10 resets factory defaults.

Then we have SWx6 to enter the programming mode, we won't go into detail on the "how" but this is a list of what you can program: you can define the brightness of P1 and P2 in standard mode, you can define the brightness and frequency of the strobes in P1 and P2, you can define the brightness of the SOS mode for P1 and P2.

So you can, for example, define P1 as 100% brightness and P2 as 1% brightness. Define one strobe to be very fast and bright for self defense and the other to be very slow and dim as a locator beacon, etc. Many different options and the interface while strange is not bad when you get used to it.

When the light is turned off it remembers the last mode so it will be back when you use it again. Included as an accessory is a very nice diffusor head that makes the light great for reading, ambient illumination or as a beacon.

This is a great light if you like many modes and versatility we absolutely loved it. You can read more and order for $55 from LiteFlux website.

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Thujone said...

This is a superb keychain light. The finish is holding up much better than my Fenix light did. Also you can get this light for $45 currently it is on sale.