Purrell Military Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is always a good idea for your EDC, first aid kits, travel bags and other kits. This version features purrell's traditional hand sanitizer product in a special bottle with the military in mind.

The product itself is an alcohol based gel with usually 70% of alcohol, applied over your skin and rubbed it will kill 99% of germs and bacteria, it dries very quickly leaving no trace or residue except the characteristic smell of alcohol.

Among other uses hand sanitizer is an excellent fuel so it can be used as a firestarter when camping.

In this version the bottle is refillable, in foliage green color and made of a very strong plastic, it can be dropped and abused in several ways and won't be easy to break. It also offers a low infrared profile for night operations, there are grips on the side to help use the bottle with just one hand.

We find hand sanitizer a very useful EDC product, this version maybe more masculine than the colorful bottles you can get at the pharmacy but the product is still the same, so you can pick the container that you like the most, this is just one of many options.

You can get it for $3.50 from CountyComm.

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