Leatherman Squirt S4-P4

The squirt S4 is a keychain multitool by leatherman conceived as an improved version of the classic Micra. In the squirt the most significant change is that tools can now be opened with the scissors closed, the tweezers can be sepparated and the handles are now in color.

There are two models of the Squirt, the S4 featuring scissors as the main tool and the P4 featuring pliers as the main tool. In both models the accesory tools include a small blade, a small screwdriver, medium screwdriver, nail file and cleaner, philips screwdriver and tweezers. There is also a splitring attachment point in one of the handles. There is also a ruler in the handles in case you need to make a quick measurement.

The main tool either the scissors or the pliers work great and they are spring activated the spring being very noble so it will last as long as the tool itself. all the tools work well as expected in a leatherman, the tools can be opened without deploying the scissors or pliers. The screwdrivers are strong enough to be used for little prying and scraping jobs if needed.

Compared with the Micra the Squirt is a little bigger due to the handles being thicker this is the price you pay for being able to use the screwdriver without opening the tool. In our opinion you don't have to replace your micra if you already have one but if you don't then this is a nice tool to consider. Along with the Victorinix minichamp this is a top quality and useful keychain multi-tool.

The squirt is available in red, blue and gray. You can read more about it at Leatherman's official website. And order for about $25 from Amazon.


Anonymous said...

but which one is better minichamp or leatherman squirt?

Eiki Martinson said...

Don't forget the Squirt E4, handy for us electrical geeks with a wire stripper and cutter in place of the scissors (the tip can be used as small pliers as well). Great blog - thanks for the hard work!

Anonymous said...

Better is subjective. The Squirt has better scissors, the minichamp has a pen and other tools not present in the squirt.