Swiss Army Watches Night Vision Line

The Night Vision line of Swiss Army watches is a flashlight-watch hybrid. The small bulge you see in the 12 position is a LED flashlight activated by the button at the left of the watch.

One press of the left button illuminates the dial, a second quick press activates the frontal flashlight for 2 and a half minutes, you can turn it off pressing the button at any time, a third quick press activates a strobe mode for signaling. If you press and hold from off the flashlight will be on for 2 and a half minutes, this is called a quick search mode. Finally there is a very small red LED at the 6 o'clock marker that blinks every 10 seconds, this helps finding your watch in the dark if it is not on your wrist, or finding your wrist if you lose it.

The watch has two batteries, one for the watch and another one for the flashlight so if you use the flashlight a lot your watch won't be affected. There is also a LED light for the dial and the hands are luminous. The rest is just a simple quartz movement watch with date. Water resistance is up to 3atm the band is rubber integrated to the watch dial so it may be hard to replace.

You can browse or yur preferred watch dealer for different models and prices of this line.

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