NiteIze 1Watt LED Upgrade and IQ switch

NiteIze is popular for their Led dropin upgrade kit for MiniMags, the old version used 3 5mm LEDs, this new kit uses a single 1 watt LED. The IQ switch replaces the tailcap and provides a tailcap button and many new modes for your minimag.

Installation of the kit is fairly simple. For the LED upgrade you replace the bulb with the led, then you also have to replace the reflector with the included new reflector, both things are very easy. The switch just replaces the tailcap.

Once installed the IQ switch provides the following modes: maximum brightness (1 click), 50% brightness (2 clicks), 25% brightness (3 clicks), fast strobe (4 clicks) and slow strobe (5 clicks). The switch can also be used for momentary operation (press switch and hold,release to turn off). With the switch installed the light will turn off automatically after 15 minutes without a button pressed, this can be very good or very bad depending on your personal taste. The last interesting feature of the switch is that it has a locator red led that blinks every couple of seconds to locate the light in the dark, this is always on unless you "lock" the flashlight unscrewing the bezel partially. When the light is locked the switch does not operate.

The 1 watt LED is a lot brighter than the old NiteIze upgrade kit and is also brighter than other upgrade kits we have tested, it is certainly not near the brightness of the new MiniMag Led since the new light is a 3 watt led and this one is just 1 watt. The beam can still be adjusted/focused with the light bezel.

This is a good upgrade kit for a MiniMag, the LED upgrade is good and bright and the IQ switch adds some useful modes to the light.

You can read more and order for $20 from Nite-Ize's website.

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Cairoace said...

what do u think about using a maglite with this upgrade for tactical/defensive purposes?