Nalgene Travel Kit

This is a small travel kit from Nalgene designed to carry some personal items such as shampoo, perfume or maybe your preferred sauce complying to air travel regulations.

The kit contains 6 flasks, the blue cap bottle fills 1/2 ounze, the red cap is 2 ounces, the green cap is also 2 ounzes, the square flask is 1 ounces and the two straight sided bottles hold 1 ounce each.

The bottles are made of very strong plastic and are tested to be leak proof even with changes of pressure as expected when traveling by plane.

Each bottle in the kit can withstand temperatures from -100ºC (-148ºF) to 120ºC (248ºF) and they can be cleaned in the dishwasher without problems.

A good kit for travelers and a good set of flasks or bottles for your EDC kits.
You can read more and order for $8 from Nalgene.

1 comment:

Paul said...

The color-capped bottles are great for medications. Easy to open; caps stay on well. The jars can be used for pomade, petroleum jelly, etc.

I have used Nalgene products for years and can vouch for the durability of this product. Leak proof as well.