GP-4L Shortwave Digital Radio

The GPL4 is a very small multi-band radio. It features AM, FM and 2 bands of Shortwave (SW) reception.

The radio has a digital display that shows the time when the radio is off or the selected radio station in digital mode when the radio is on, you can also program an alarm that will turn on the radio at the specified time so it works as an alarm clock or travel clock.

There is also a small LED at the top that can be used as a flashlight if you need some light at night or in an emergency.
The station is selected with a knob on the side and displayed in the small LCD display, a red led turns on when the reception is clear, another knob controls the volume.

The internal speaker is ok but you can also use headphones and then FM can be listened in stereo mode. The antenna is telescopic and works in the reception of both FM and SW bands, for AM the internal ferrite antenna does the job.

The dimensions are 3.4" X 2.55" X .83" and the total weight without the batteris is 85 grams. Small enough for a shirt pocket. The radio can use two AA batteries or be plugged to a 3.5v powersource (not included). The runtime is about 150 hours for the radio and about 70 hours for the flashlight (mutually exclusive).

It is a very small radio with nice features and good reception, there is also an optional larger antenna for improved SW reception if needed. The construction quality and performance are really good from our tests.

You can get it from CountyComm for $25.

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