Sister Clips

Sister Clips are simple attaching devices commonly used in boating for ropes but also interesting for keychains and EDC items.

Each clip has two holes, one of them with a small opening in the side, you can match the openings of two clips to attach them, once attached the clips will not dettach unless someone specifically moves the clip to make the holes match again. They are very easy to attach and dettach but very secure since accidental release is almost impossible.

The clips are made of grade 316 and 305 stainless steel the bigger one has a ferruled attaching hole, measures 1 7/16'' and weights just .4 oz, the eye diameter is 13/32 inch, this clip is able to resist up to 550lbs of weight. The small one is 15/16 inch with an eye of 9/32 inch and works up to 150lbs.

These clips are very practical to attach items to a keychain or other places, you just have to put one of the clips attached to your device and the other attached to the keychain, backpack or other attachment point.

You can get them for $2.10 (small one) or $3.40 (big one) from this site.

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