Fred Perrin Concepts Defensive Pen

This is a pen created by Knife maker Fred perrin to double as a defensive weapon.

When the pen is closed the metal body can be inmediately used as a kubaton or impact device, this is also valid for other pens but this one is built and designed not to break in pieces if you use it as a impact tool. The pen weights 25 grams if that is important to you.

If you open the pen removing the cap you will see that the cap has a very acute angle of contact with the body, this acute angle can be used as a cutting weapon and might really produce a lot of damage, this is affectionly known as a DNA sampler.

When you are not trying to save yourself from a fight with the bad guys you can use the pen to write notes, it writes well and it uses standard ink cartridges that are easy to get for refills.

The pocket clip is short but strong, not good for a jeans pocket but certainly fine for a shirt pocket or a notepad.

You can get it for $20 from this site.

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Wedding Favor Pens said...

Well I like the concept but who has the time to unveil a pen so quickly and make it used as a defense weapon??
I'll tell you who.. ME! I actually really admire the fact that you can actually think of something like this :)