Swisstech Mpro 11 in 1 tool

This is a very small multi-tool that can be stored in a docking station featuring a small flashlight. It includes a set of pliers, wire cutter, wire stripper, sheet shear, standard philips and flat screwdrivers, micro philips and flat screwdrivers, 1/4'' rule markings and key ring. It weights only 2.2 oz in total and is only 2-3/8” x 1-1/4” x 1/2" when folded.

The tool is stored turning the legs and can then be coupled to the micro-light docking station, releasing the tool from the station is easy and you just unturn the legs to use it.

The mpro is nice for small repairs and other precision jobs that can benefit from a small multi-tool, as you can imagine it can't be used for jobs that require force. The micro light uses a LED bulb and two coin sized lithium batteries and is good to illuminate keyholes or as a small light to work with the mpro tool in case of need.

Each of the tools included does the job well, you are basically using a good set of micro pliers with some screwdrivers so the tools complement well. Being as small as it is the mpro is probably one of the few available options as a keychain sized set of pliers, smaller than the smallest leatherman tools.

You can read more and order from SwissTech's website.

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