Fisher Bullet Pen

The "bullet" is proably the most well known model of the Fisher space pen family. This small pen is just 3.75'' closed and 5.25'' open, and comes with a Fisher PR4 refill. As widely known the fisher refills are pressurized meaning the pen will be able to write upside down, under water, in greasy paper and many other adverse conditions like for example without gravity. The pressure makes the ink flow regardless of the writing surface or the conditions.

The bullet can be ordered optionally with a pocket clip, you may want to secure the pocket clip with some drops of super glue because it has a tendency to fall and that can be a problem. The shape of the pen is very confortable for writing. If you are used to long heavy pens this may not be your best choice.

The bullet can be get from $10 to $30 or more depending on several options for the finish and materials, there are silver models, brass models, matte models, laquered in different colors, titanium coated models and many special editions. You can check options in the Fisher official website or order some different models from Penwa.

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