Swiss Tech Screwball

This is a self-contained spherical screwdriver tool for a keychain.

The body of the tool is made of nylon plastic and the drivers are made from 4140 steel.

It has 8 different drivers: a flat #1 screwdriver, a philips #0, a philips #1, a 3/32'' Allen Wrench, a 1/8'' Allen Wrench, a #10 star wrench, a #15 star wrench, and an eyeglass screwdriver.

The keychain has a split ring and can be dettached from the body of the tool.

Besides being a novelty item this tool will be useful if the drivers it has are useful for your tasks, being a spheric object the grip is usually good as long as you don't need a lot of force, the other drivers stored help the grip and it will not be slippery.

You can order for about $15 from this site.

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