Surefire A2

The A2 is a light combining an incandescent lamp with LEDs, it has many factors that make it a very unique light.

Originally the A2 was designed for pilots, the LEDs would allow cabin cockpit illumination without disturbing night vision while the incandescent bulb would be used to inspect the aircraft from outside. Not only this was a complete success for pilots but it became a very interesting light for general use and even EDC.

The switch of the A2 is a lockout tailcap with 2 levels, in the "locked" position the light can't be activated accidentally and is used for storage. If you screw the tailcap a little you will be able to use the LEDs pressing the tailcap button, if you keep screwing the LEDs will come on permanently and you will be able to use the Incandescent beam pressing the button, if you keep screwing the incandescent beam comes on permanently. The interface works great, a very common pattern is to use the constant-on for the LEDs and activate the incandescent beam when needed.

The main beam is regulated this uncommon feature for incandescent beams means that the brightness will be constant regardless of the state of the batteries, when the batteries can't power the main beam you will still have plenty of time from the LEDs since the battery will still have a 25% charge aproximately. Without the LEDs regulation wouldn't make sense since it will be a waste of battery life. The main beam is tightly focused with a very long throw, the A2 can reach objects that are really far away and illuminate them properly with very good color rendition. The LEDs offer a floody beam perfect for a tasklight and indoors operation. The runtime is 50 minutes for the incandescent beam and more than 200 hours for the LEDs.

The body is HA-III aluminium resistant to impacts and scratches of all kinds and orings are used to make the light water-proof. Commonly accepted as an engineering marvel the A2 is a perfect combination of LEDs and incandescent light and the fact that there is no other light with similar characteristics probably demonstrates how good the A2 is.

The A2 can be ordered with red, gree, blue or yellow-green LEDs (See this article about LED colors). You can read more from Surefire's website or order for $195 from OpticsHQ.

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