Sony Emergency Radio ICF-B01

This is a little emergency radio by Sony, it has both AM and FM frequencies and a LED light as well.

The radio can take either 2 AAA batteries or be powered by a crank mechanism, pull the lever give it a few cranks and the radio will be self-powered without needing batteries.

With AAA batteries you can get 50 hours of AM radio, 40 hours of FM radio or 30 hours of the flashlight.

With the built-in generator you can get 60 minutes of AM radio, 40 minutes of FM or 15 minutes of the flashlight, then you have to crank it again to generate more power.

It is small enough to be carried in a kit without taking a lot of space. The drawbacks are not having weather stations or shortwave reception. In areas where tornados, hurricanes and other natural disasters are common batteries can be very hard to get and a radio to know what is going on is always needed. We really liked that a very reputable brand like Sony has a crank activated emergency radio, it makes sense to keep one in your kits for emergencies or long hikes without needing a stock of batteries. It is also good for camping if you have reception of AM or FM bands you can keep updated on major events or enjoy some music.

You can read more or order for $40 from Sony.

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