Gorgonz Exhale System Gloves

How many times have you used your own breath to warm your gloves blowing warm air inside? This company has taken this idea to their new line of gloves putting a small valve that can be used to blow air inside the gloves to keep your hands warmer.

The gloves are made of insulating material with a trademarked material reinforcement in the palm and fingers. The Cuff and Strap are made of neoprene and the palm of synthetic leather. The knuckles are also neoprene.

The Exhale heating system will let you blow air from your lungs inside the gloves and unless something really bad is happening to you warm air will fill your gloves making your hands more confortable and reducing the risks of frostbite. It is a nice system for situations where you need to remove your gloves to do some task and the put them back on, add a blow of air and your cold hands will get better sooner.

The Gloves can be ordered in different models depending on the insulation capabilities, you can get more information or order from $35 from Gorgonz's website.

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