Pro-Light SMJLED keychain light

This is a keychain light with the same size, case and interface as the common chinese Fauxtons. The difference is that these lights have an improved SMJLed as the led.

The SMJled is a lot brighter than the regular 5mm leds found in similar keychain lights, it is comparable to the output of an ARC-AAA premium.

The lights are powered by CR2032 lithium coin cell batteries they are splash proof but not water proof. Both the led and the case will resist wear from keychain use and impacts.

To activate you just squeeze the light for momentary activation or use a small sliding switch for constant on-off operation.

An improvement over the common keychain lights with extra brightness but without any extra features as those found in the Photon Freedom.

You can get them for $7 from Light Hound.

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