Titanium Gate Snap

The titanium gate snap from Berkeley Point is a cross bewteen a clip and a carabiner. The gaye snap is large enough to be clipped to a belt loop, a backpack or a pouch, so it can be used as the end attachment point for your keychain.

The hole at the bottom can be used to thread paracord or chain, it can also be used for a large splitring, a smaller one might be hard to install since the width of the titanium borders can be problematic, we all know how painful tight splitrings can be sometimes.

Constructed from Titanium the gate snap will resist wear, corrosion, impacts and daily abuse. I found them practical for keychains and lanyards made with paracord as the end attachment for belt loops but there are a zillion possible usages.

There are two sizes: 1-15/16'' and 2-7/8'' that cost $22 and $36 respectively. You can find more information or order from Berkely Point.

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