Spyderco Cricket

The cricket is a very small and interesting knife from Spyderco. It's smaller than most pocket folders and certainly stranger.

starting with the basics the Cricket is a linerlock liner made out of the backside scale of the handle this kind of lock makes the cricket not only small in length but very thin too. The blade made of VG10 steel is shaped ending in a point allows precision cutting jobs so it is a very nice knife for hobbysts (and hobbits too!) .

The pocket clip carries the cricket tip-down in your pocket and since it is quite small you can use it as a pocket clip too. The best thing about the cricket is probably the discrete look it has, it doesn't look as a weapon to people's eyes so you won't get in trouble with authorities or scared looks if you carry it around in your pocket or as a money clip.

Certainly a very nice and curious knife that deserves a serious look among EDC options. The cricket costs $50 and you can check several options here. More information in Spyderco's website.

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