Boker Rescom Folder

The Rescom is a Rescue-style knife from Boker USA and while it is intended as a rescue knife, it is also very usable as a cutting tool in general, specially for rope.

There are two cutting surfaces in the Rescom, a serrated edge and a cutting hook with micro dentations. The edges are designed to cut seatbelts, rope and clothes in rescue situations. Our tests showed that both the hook and the serrated edge are great for general rope cutting performing very clean cuts, the hook is good to untangle cord, open boxes, cut knots and other tasks.

Weighting just 2 and half onzes with a blade of 1 7/8" and overall length 4 1/2" the rescom is very pocketable and goes completely unnoticed. It can even be used as a money clip that will be ready to do the job in case of emergencies. The blade is AUS-8 steel. The scale is textured G10 on one side and bare metal in the other side (where the pocket clip is). The grip is very good, non slippery and for the size of the knife more than confortable to hold the big curved place for your index finger makes the knife safe to use even if you have to use force. The pocket clip is very strong so it might be difficult to clip but once clipped the knife won't get lost.

As a rescue tool it is only missing some tip to break glass windows in case of need, as a cutting tool for rope and others it is certainly great. After the tests I liked to have it around to open boxes and cut cord, the non-knife looking is also very safe for urban carry and events where a folding knife would not be welcomed.

You can get it from $25 to $40 (varies) from different sites, check froogle's links. For more information you can visit Boker Website and search for "Rescom", product code is BO587.

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