Petzl Tactikka XP Adapt Headlamp

This is a new version of Petzl's tactikka headlamp adding several improvements including the very versatile "Adapt" connection system that allows the headlamp to be used in several different ways.

The headlamp is driven by one 1 watt led powered by 3 AAA batteries, there are 3 brightness levels and 1 blinking mode selected pressing the on/off button, you go from off to max, mid, low, blink and again to off. There's also a boost mode selected with a second button that can be used for extra brightness for short periods of time.

The lamp has a sliding filter that can be used for a difusser filter, or a color filter, red, green and blue are supplied. The "adapt" system allows the user to use the lamp in different modes, attached to the headbands you have a traditional headlamp. You can also attach the light to a belt clip and use it on your belt or a backpack. Finally there is an adhesive attachment point that can be used to attach the lamp to a helmet, a bike or others. The headband includes a small plastic pouch to carry an extra filter so you can use a red filter and have a diffusor filter available if you want. The difussor is very good for reading and close tasks.

In maximum mode the headlamp reaches about 35 meteres and has autonomy for 60 hours and it can go to 120 hours in low brightness mode. The boost function allows a maximum throw of about 50 meters in case of need.

This is a very nice headlamp with different brightness levels, boost mode, sliding filter and excellent runtime, the adapt system makes it even better adding a lot of interesting uses besides being a great headlamp; a very interesting product.

You can read more about this headlamp in Petzl's webpage or you can order it for about $58 from TAD Gear.

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