Huntlight FT-01XSE

The Huntlight FT-01XSE is a 3 watt U-bin or T-bin luxeon led flashlight powered by 2 C123 lithium batteries. The body is HA-III anodized aluminium, very resistant to impacts and scratches. The switch is a simple tailcap reverse clickie. It comes with a UCL lens covered with anti-reflex coating and a pocket clip that can be used to carry the flashlight bezel down in your pocket.

The bezel is crenelated so you can see if the flashlight is on or off if you put it bezel down on a table or some other surface, I don't think the crenelations can be used for self defense purposes since they are quite soft and not very deep.

The flashlight is waterproof using orings for sealing, mine came with interesting orange orings. The beam is a nice combination of throw and sidespill it has a lot of reach compared to similar flashlights in the same category. You can be surprised how many other flashlights will be beaten by this one.

The light can be powered by primary C123 batteries or a 18650 rechargeable battery, the runtime is aproximately 3 hours and a half on primaries and a little over 4 hours on a 18650 battery. My estimations for the brightness of this flashlight is that it should be around 70 to 80 lumen.

This huntlight is a very beautiful flashlight, the runtime is great, it can be used with a rechargeable 18650 battery which is a good point and is very very bright. I also like the fact that it can be carried bezel down in your pocket.

You can find more information and buy this flashlight for about $68 from JS Burly's Flashlights.

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