Personal Keychain Alarm With Flashlight

This small keychain device has two functions, on one end it has a small incadescent flashlight in the other end there is a speaker for a 120db alarm which is the interesting thing.

The alarm is activated using a red button on the side of the device, you can press lightly for momentary alarm/whistle or press a little harder and the switch will click and the alarm will sound constantly, to deactivate simply click the red button again.

The sount of the alarm is loud and pitchy and certainly attracts attention, you can use it as an electronic whistle or as a safety device in case of danger. The small flashlight is useful when using your keys or to find something in the dark. It is a useful little device that goes unnoticed and might help in case of an emergency or dangerous situation.

The device is powered by an A23 battery, not very popular but easy to find, the same kind of battery that powers gloo-toobs. The model in the picture costs $15 and can be ordered from this site.

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