Boker Subcom

The Subcom is a very small folder designed by Chad Los Banos. It is only 1 7/8'' long and 1/16'' thick, weighting just 2.5 oz.

This makes the Subcom a non threatening knife that you can carry in most cities without breaking the law and that you can use in plain sight without getting worried looks. The subcom looks "cool" and is certainly more a tool than a weapon for most people.

The beauty of the design is that in a very small folder you get a lot of cutting surface, the blade is a bead-blasted AUS-8 stainless steel with a framelock lock and ambidextrous thumb studs to open it. You can get it in a plain or serrated edge. The pocket clip can be used to clip the knife to a pocket or to use it as money clip. The handle is fiberglass reinforced nylon offering a very good grip and can be either black or silver.

You can read more in Boker's website. Or order it for $25 from Knivesplus.

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tim said...

This is the second Boker that i have been dissappointed with.(the first a walter brend tactical) within a week of pocket carry the thumbstud fell off. it is two pieces of plastic glued together thru a hole in the blade. Ironically it works better without the thumbstud. poor quality. buy one and tear off the thumbstud. it should be very easy to do.