Highgear SmartLatch Panic Strobe Keychain

This keychain provides a splitring for your keys or items and two additional functions: A personal alarm and a safety strobe light.

The unit is powered by a C2032 lithium coin cell which is very popular and easy to get, to activate the unit you have to open the battery compartment and remove a plastic tab, something that the instructions don't mention because there are no instructions supplied.

The strobe is activated pressing the red button, the red light will start flashing, press again and it is off. To activate the personal alarm you have to press the gray button and then pull the body of the device away from the red button, the alarm will activate; to deactivate it you have to press the button and then push the body. This is intended to make deactivation of the alarm difficult for people not familiar with the device, in my opinion this is fine but the activation should have been more easy in case of emergency. The alarm is about 80db loud enough to attract attention but not enough to be harmful to the ears of an attacker.

The SmartLatch costs $15 and can be ordered from REI.

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