Bison Designs Air Hook Caddie

The Air Hook Caddie is a keyring that combines a carabiner-style clip with quick-release mini keyrings.

The Caddie is made in aluminium and can be ordered in 3 different colors: black, purple or blue. The carabiner is strong and can be clipped to belt loops or other attachment points without serious risk of losing it.

The quick release keyrings feature small splitrings that can be released from the keyring using a sliding button on one side. You have to place the splitring you want to remove below the button, slide it and then pull, they item will sepparate from the body of the caddie. With this system you can quickly remove a keychain flashlight, pen or knife from your keychain in case of need without the need of operating a splitring. The caddie costs $10 and can be ordered from REI.

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