Safe-Light 9v emergency light and flashlight

The Safe-light uses a 9 volt battery to power a 5mm led. This light is intended as an emergency light but can be used as a regular flashlight if needed.

By default the light will be in "locator" mode a very dim always on mode that can be used to find the light in the dark, the light can run for about a year(!) in this mode that can be deactivated pressing the button for 2 secs and reactivated in the same way.

From the always-on mode you can activate the low-beam flashlight then high-beam and then the emergency strobe before returning to the always-on mode. You cycle through modes just pressing the button.

The light is water resistant and comes with a belt clip that is also magnetic.
It is a very good product to keep in different places in the always-on mode so you can use it if you are in need, one at home, one in the car, etc.
You can get it for $14 at Lighthound. And you can learn more in the official website.

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