The Keep2Go is a portable PET plastic tube that can be used for different purposes.

The tubes has a screw-on plastic cap that has a hole to thread a lanyward or a cord, a small lanyard with a cord lock is included.

The Keep2Go is available in several sizes from 1.0 to 2.5 oz in several different colors. All the models are TSA safe and can be used to transport liquids on a plane.

The containers can be also used to store food and are dishwasher safe, they float but not if you fill them with something heavy.

Multipurpose plastic containers are useful for small kits, for liquids and medications and are helpful when you are outdoors and can be quite practical for swimming while holding some essentials like cash.

You can read more at the official website.


sawzy said...

it looks kinda cheap and i could not find a price for it on their website...

Anonymous said...

This is a PET preform, they heat these and inflate them with air to make a two liter soda bottle. You can also find them used as test tubes, and they generally cost less that way. They use a normal soda bottle "accessories", so you can find the hanger caps if you look.

Anonymous said...

To get to a website that list a price. Go, click on the "buy in the usa" icon and it will take you to a website that sells them in a three pak for

Snow and Ash said...

Also, check out the County Comm Tube Vault. Similar, and goes for $1.65 ea.