Maxpedition's Micro Wallet

The Micro Wallet is a minimalistic wallet for people that don't like or can't carry big bulky wallets with millions of items.

The Micro is 4.5'' x 3''. When opened it offers an ID window and two card slots. There is a single division running along for bills.

When closed the Micro has a small pocket in one side, there is no closure mechanism, no velcro or anything similar, just fold it and put it in your pocket.

The construction is very strong in cordura nylon with double stitching along the borders. It will not get destroyed by metallic objects such as keys in your pocket.

Maxpedition claims you can fit one ID, two credit cards, some bills, two quarter coins and a spare key in the Micro, this is as far as we could test true, being small if you load it with too many items it will be hard to fold and inpractical.

As an interesting point the strong cordura nylon used for this wallet makes it a little heavier and bulkier than what you would expect for a Micro wallet, we believe a lighter and thiner material would have been a better choice.

You can read more and order for $11 from Maxpedition's Website.

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