Maxpedition Janus Extension Pocket

The Janus is a utility pocket to be added to the strap of Maxpedition versipacks such as the Fatboy, Colossus, Jumbo and some backpacks. There are several ways to use the Janus.

The first one is by splicing an existing shoulder strap with the Janus using the buckles in the Janus, the strap will then be longer and feature the Janus in the middle. You can also attach it using Malice clips via the modular straps in one of the sides. You can also use it on your belt or as a waistpack. The strap with the buckles can be totally removed.

One side of the Janus has loop fields and the other PALS webbing you can decide which side will be the front side. There is a tube running on one of the sides that can be used as a flashligh cave.

The Janus is 8” x 4” x 1.5” with dual zippers and one internal division, it is good for PDAs,cellphones, wallets and other accesories. The external straps can be used to clip a knife or a money clip.

As with other Maxpedition products the construction is excellent, the zippers are strong and run very well and the pocket is very useful maybe a little bulky for its capacity due to the strong construction and multiplicity of attachment options outside the pocket. It is a very good adition for a versipack and can also be very good for a medium to big size backpack strap. As a standalone waistpack it is too big to be unnoticed and too small to carry many items so in our evaluation we choose to use it with a Fatboy versipack and was a great adition.

Available in green, kakhi and black. You can read more and order for $35 from Maxpedition's website.


viridari said...

Nice. I have been carrying a Maxpedition Fatboy for about nine month now, and something like this could indeed be handy.

Anonymous said...

will the janus work on a kodiak gearsinger??