Imation Wristband

Yet another presentation for a USB flash drive, in this oportunity in the shape of a wristband.

The Imation Wristband is basically a USB drive surrounded by a rubber band giving it the shape of a wristband. The USB connector is used as a buckle to secure the drive to your wrist, bag handle, backpack or other places.

The band is not sizeable and measures 210mm (5.59'') so you have to make sure that it will fit your wrist in a confortable way. Being made of rubber and in only one size we estimate only a few will find the band confortable to the wrist.

The idea is interesting but with the size of flash drives today one has to wonder why carrying it as a bracelet is a need or even a good idea, you can put today's tiny drives on your wallet, keychain, necklace and so many places that the bracelet might even be impractical and too geeky for your taste.

The product is available in several colors and different memory sizes up to 1gb, probably bigger versions coming soon, it can be customized with your own logo too.
You can read more at Imation's website.

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