All-Ett Wallet

The All-Ett is a very special wallet designed to be very light and very small, according to the company a normal wallet can be up to 16 times bigger than the All-Ett Wallet with the same content inside.

The "original" model has 4 pockets for cards, two pockets for bills and one extra deep pocket for things such as receipts, airline tickets and others. Among other versions we can highlight the european version with just 2 pockets for cards and the travelers version with space for your passport, ticket, and money.

The All-Ett is made of a very thin nylon material called "spinnaker cloth", it is thin as paper but very strong, and that explains why after loading the wallet with 10 credit cards the wallet is as big as the 10 cards are without almost any extra volume due to the wallet itself. The material is also washeable and water resistant and it doesn't get bad in the humid summer days.

The slim approach of the All-Ett wallet multiply the options to carry, you can use it in your front pocket or back pocket and is hard to notice it is there.

For those looking for a wallet with basic features but as thin as paper and very light the All-Ett is certainly a terrific product.

You can read more, see the different versions and order for about $20 from the official website.

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