Pilot's Pen

This is a pen with a green led tip created for Pilots and other professionals that may need to write at night without losing adaptation to darkness.

The light is activated twisting the tailcap, just the basic on-off-on-off without brightness levels. Without the cap the tip of the light can be used to see where you are writing, the green light is very dim and won't affect dark adapted eyes.

Green is a good color since the human eyes will see many shades under green light and if you need to see a map you won't have a problem with red marked roads or other symbols. With the cap attached there is a small lens in the cap so you can use the pen as a small flashlight, the light is very dim and will be useful to check out a map, a list of instructions, flight plan etc.

A good pen with a good selection of color and brightness for night notes. You can get it for $7 from Pilot Essentials.

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