Illuminated 60x to 100x zoom pocket microscope

This is a very economic microscope that includes a small led light and can be zoomed from 60x to 100x magnification.

To use it you have to insert 1 AAA battery, turn the light on and then point the microscope to the object you want to examine almost touching it with the base of the scope. One of the knobs at the side controls the zoom and the other one the focus. The knobs are cheap but getting a good focus is still easy, magnification is very good and besides having a very small field of view the details are there and while cheap the microscope really works.

Among the small minuses the zoom knob is very loose in our unit so when you are in 100x sometimes it just slides down to 60x for this reason and the wider field of view we preferred to use it only in 60x mode.

Images are good and the LED is fine to illuminate what you want to see, we could inspect mineral traces in rocks, terrible things in our fingers and played CSI for a while without anything revealing. A fun toy, not a professional microscope but it works and it is very small and pocketable.

You can order for $8.63 from DealExtreme.

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Anonymous said...

I own two of the similar 30x microscopes (non-zoom), and one of the 100x (again, fixed zoom). I never use the 100x because it's just too touchy. The 30x is very nice, and I use it more than I thought I would. I just got the $10 (I think) one from Radio Shack. If I had to limit myself to two magnifiers, I would pick a Bausch and Lomb 10x Hastings Triplett, and one of these $10 30x Radio Shack cheapies. (Magnifiers for reading are a different matter---I use mine for looking at failed components before they're passed off to metallurgists.)