Cash Can

The cash can is a novelty container designed to keep some cash for emergencies.

The capsule is 1 1/2 Inches Long built in solid brass with a small bar inside. This cool little cash keeper is for just one bill, which is to be folded in thirds, then rolled around the center bar. The center bar with the note is then inserted in the container and through a hole in the top. Then a split ring ot a clip goes through the hole in the bar the bar then can't be removed from the container as long as the splitring or clip is blocking the hole.

Very clever solution and very practical, o-rings at the bottom of the container make it water-proof. You can use it to keep some emergency cash in your keychain, or as a very elegant gift. The design is also practical to store a mini roll of duct tape cut to fit the inner bar or some nylon thread.

We believe a removable ring makes more sense than a split ring in some uses to be able to quickly access the contents without removing the split ring. We really liked this product either to keep some cash, some duct tape or as a gift, it is small, sleek and works great. Our strongest recomendation is that ordering one is not going to be enough.

You can read more and order for $13 from Sunshine products.

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