Princeton Tec EOS Headlamp

The EOS is a LED headlamp using a 1 watt luxeon LED powered by 3 AAA batteries.

It has 4 modes of operation, maximum brightness, medium, low and blinking mode. The modes are selected using a single switch at the top of the lamp head, press once to turn on in maximum mode, press again for medium, press again for low mode, again for blinking mode and again to turn off. If you let the light on for about 2 seconds a press will just turn it off, it won't switch modes.

The EOS can load either alkaline, rechargeable NiMh or lithium batteries, the runtime is 6 hours in maximum brightness, 12 hours in medium and 60 hours in the low mode. The blinking mode is useful for signaling or attracting attention and can be used for 50 hours.

One of the nice things about the EOS is that the output is regulated, regardless of the battery status the brightness will be constant at each selected level. A heat control mechanism prevents the LED from overheating if that happens the EOS automatically goes down to a lower brightness level.

The beam is strongly focused for throw, so even with a 1 watt LED the EOS will perform very well outdoors being able to illuminate your path and reach distant objects, for indoors activities or camping you will probably be better with a lower brightness setting since a strong hotspot will not be needed. According to the manufacturer the EOS is weather resistant and can be used up to 1 meter below water.

The headlamp is very easy to use and confortable weighting only 105gr you put it on and forget it is there, can run for a long time and is bright enough to compete with bigger and bulkier lamps in outdoor hiking and other activities. Definitively a very good option if you need a headlamp.

You can read more and order for about $35 from Princetontec's website.


Anonymous said...

Great reviews! Came across the site about a month ago and it is part of my daily read. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

This is the best flashlight I own. Camping, climbing, biking, auto and home repair, emergencies, and reading on car or bus trips are just some of it's many uses.

I just with lithium batteries came in three packs.