Amilite Neo T5

The T5 is a single cell light from Korean manufacturer Amilite. The light uses a Seoul LED which is brighter and stronger than Luxeons, and it has two brightness levels.

The light is operated by a reverse clickie switch at the back, press to get the low mode, press again for high and press again to turn it off. You don't need to fully depress the switch to turn it off and on again to switch levels, a light press will be enough to turn the light momentary off and on again switching levels.

The light can use either a 123 lithium cell or a rechargeable cell. The runtime is about 1 hour in maximum brightness and 10 hours in low mode. The body is constructed with HAIII anodized aluminium very strong and able to resist scratches and impacts when used, o-rings make the light water resistant.

The T5 is a bright light the manufacturer announces 140 lumens on high but the real value might be close to 95 according to our tests and comparissions. The reflector is textured producing a very smooth beam that has a good balance between throw and sidespill making the T5 a general purpose light. The T5 is 3.70 inches long (94mm) a good size for EDC and pocket carry. The light is regulated so in max brightness you will get a constant level of output regardless of the battery status.

A nice general purpose single cell light with two stages.

You can read more about the T5 and order from Amilite's website for $80 available in two flavours, one with a 10 lumen low brightness mode (runtime 10 hours) and the other with a 30 lumen low brightness mode (runtime about 3 hours)

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