Surefire Delta Force Knife

The Delta Force is a premium folding knife made by Surefire, the knife is a S30V steel blade with a thick titanium frame, besides the knife the Delta Force has some aditional useful tools that are barely noticeable.

When closed the knife is 4.7 inches long extending to 8 inches when opened, the blade length is 3.37 inches. The total weight of the knife is 4.6 oz.

The frame has some interesting tools the index finger guard is shaped to work as a screwdriver, at the top of the frame near the thumbhole there is a wire cutter/crimper that can cut up to 12 gauge wire. At the back of the handle there is a small fixed blade that can be used as a seatbelt cutter or for cutting cord without opening the knife. The center of the frame provides a 1/2" hex wrench and toothed slot for loosening smaller nuts down to 13/64" size. Finally at the back of the knife there is a window breaker tip made of 440 reinforced steel.

The grip is very good due to the large handle with ample space to rest the index finger and allowing several different grips, the pocket clip is strong and reversible and it is very low profile interfering almost in no way with the grip of the knife. The S30V blade cuts very well and is extremely strong, the titanium frame body is resistant to corrosion even of sea water and virtually indestructible. The lock is a liner lock that works very well and seems to be very safe.

Without a doubt the Delta Force is a premium knife with some very unique features that make it a very recomendable folding knife for EDC, the knife itself is excellent and the extra tools make a very interesting package. It may be a little large for EDC purposes but that varies.

You can read more at Surefire's website. Checking for stock is recommended for this knife.

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