Fenix L0D CE

The L0D is a multi-mode AAA light using a Cree LED. The light is activated with a simpe twisty switch. Twist to turn on and untwist to turn off. Turning on and off in sequence changes modes, the first mode is primary, then low, maximum, strobe and SOS.

The flashlight accepts voltage from 0.8v to 3.7v so it can be used with alkaline AAAs, rechargeable AAAs, lithium AAAs or even rechargeable 10440 3.7v cells.

Using the 10440 battery the light will be extremely bright probably outperforming not only other AAA flashlights but other bigger flashlights as well. The performance of the Cree LEDs is really amazing. Our tests with a 10440 battery show an amount of light around 120 lumen, a number that is huge for bigger lights.

The light is coonstructed in HA-III anodized aluminium, resistant to impacts and scratches, it will go very well in a keychain without getting scratched, it weights about 14grams without the battery and measures just a little more than the AAA cell that it uses. Orings make the light water resistant and dunkable.

A nice keychain light that with a rechargeable 10440 battery can become a keychain rocket. This is probably the best AAA light in the market at the moment this review was written, the brightness is outstanding and the brightness levels are good to use it in many different situations.

You can read more and order for $43.50 from Fenix-Store.

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Anonymous said...

correction the max voltage is 3.3v not 3.7v.