This is a very small keychain light that goes on top of a strong clip and can rotate over the clip. The light can be clipped to a baseball cap to be used as an emergency headlamp, to a belt, backpack or other places.

The switch is a simple on/off operation big enough to be used with gloves. They use common coin cell lithium batteries.

The lights are not very bright but have a very long runtime and that makes them useful as backup or emergency lights for tasks where an extra light may be needed or to be used as small markers when hicking or for pets. It is certainly not comparable to the Photon Freedom but can be compared to the Fauxtons with the nice extra of the rotary clip.

The switch is a little unreliable without momentary operation and the case is not perfect but for the price we couldn´t expect a great finish.

The lights cost $1.75 and can be obtained from CountyComm. If you want different LED colors you can buy only the light without the clip for $1 and then screw it to your clip using two small screws.

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