Petzl E-Lite

The e-lite is a very small headlamp from petzl, it weights only 30 grams including the batteries, the light comes with a headband and a protective case in red color.

This small headlamp has 3 white leds and one red led powered by two C2032 coin cell lithium batteries. The light has 5 modes of operation selected moving the red lever in order they are: white minium, white maximum, white strobe, red strobe and constant red. The runtime is 35 hours in maximum mode and 45 hours in white minimum, a lot longer in red mode.

The lamp can be used with the supplied headband or removed and clipped to a belt, backpack, a hat or other objects, it can be used as a marker or a beacon. As a headlamp it is fine for indoors use, use inside a tent or close works but certainly not suitable for exploring. The light Waterproof down to -1 m.

You can read more in Petzl's website. Or oder for $28.99 from TAD Gear.

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