The Pocketmod is a 8.5 x 11´´ sheet of paper split into 8 sections that once folded makes a little paper book and allows you to select from different inserts. You can have a calendar, day planner, notes, tables, story board, lists, contacts, games and many other options.

From the website you can design your own pocketmod selecting the 8 sections you will want to use, then print it, fold it following the instructions and you are ready to go. The final result is a 2x3 notepad with the 8 sections you selected. It is small and flat enough to go in a pocket, wallet or inside a book. For customization the website offers a tool to convert a PDF file to pocketmod format so you can add your own information, guides, and make topic specific pocket mods for you and your friends.

Pocketmods are free and you can try them at pocketmod.com, enjoy.

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