Peter Atwood's Wharncliffe Booger

The Booger is a very small knife with a pointy tip from Peter Atwood, it can be used for cutting, chopping and for any task where a fine pointy tip can be useful, including scraping, cleaning and fine cutting jobs.

Made of S30V steel the Booger is a very high quality knife that will resist normal use and not so normal abuse without breaking or scratching badly.

They are 1/8'' thick and about 2.5'' long and come with a kydex sheath that can be used for keychain or neck carry bead chain included.

This is no doubt a quality little knife that will be a handy companion to its user. We found it great for hobbies and other ocupations where you do some fine cutting, it is a very precise tool and it is a pleasure to carry it.

You can get it for $65 from Peter Atwood's website. Due to limited stock you may want to check other members of the Booger family and ask Peter about stock.

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