Metal Pen

A long time ago artists used to use silver pointed pencils to create some beautiful drawings. This pen while not using silver is based on the same principle.

The Pen is made of stainless steel with a solid metal compound tip, there is no ball, no ink, nothing just plain metal at the tip. When writing the pressure of the pen over the paper will leave microscopic traces of the metal on the paper producing the writing. Since there is no ink the pen will never dry and the tip will write for a very long time before the metal is consumed. You can leave the pen for years get it back and it will work in the same way it works today.

The metal alloy employed for the tip writes on almost any paper surface and produces a good writing as long as you remember this pen is not for writing the story of your life but more a backup or a novelty pen. The absence of ink makes the pen an all-weather and conditions instrument and the solid stainless steel body works well as a kubotan.

You can read more and order for $30 from grand illusions. Another source for about $25 here.

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